Tuesday, 22 October 2019

original Pakistani dresses wholesale

Searching for a sewing factory to outsource the stitching work?

Do you want to stitch your garments e.g. ready to wear, undergarments, men shirts, Skirts, schools uniform, Saudi jubbah/thobes, lady’s tops, Pakistani/ Indian shalwar kameez for the ladies & Men’s kurta pajamaBed sheet stitching, Duvet/Comforters stitching, Table covers, Runners stitching, Jackets, Hoodies, Ladies and Gents Trousers?

You might also be looking for a tailor near you?

Then I would like to break the news that you can find the tailoring company online, contact over WhatsApp 0092-3326892363 or Email: saadlovly@gmail.com

What makes Faisalabad Fabric Store different from the local tailors that our stitching unit includes the latest sewing machines, aplic machines, Overlock machines & Flats etc.

Our tailoring factory are dependent upon the 50 sewing experts with quality assurance people and a few competent clothes engineers along with style designers.

Being the professional stitchers of Asian clothing and Western Clothing we know how to get superior products within a short span of the opportunity to meet the client's requirements.

Our major clients based in Europe/ USA/Canada & the most important is that we have a fasten gateway channel to get the payments from the International Clients that is PayPal and deliver the packages via DHL, FedEx services.

What makes our online tailoring services us best?

  • Our team knows all of the artwork of tailoring/ trendy designing/ beautiful cut lines.
  • The main fact of our tailoring factory is that we follow the trendy styles and sizes.
  • The sewing experts and cutting edge masters are equipped with the latest professional clothing tools and they know how to cut according to given patterns.
  • Our stitching team follow the given layouts and patterns for the stitching of ready to wear shirts.
  • While stitching the trousers we take of the waistline, lengths & styles just like pants style trousers, Capri style, bell bottom style & all sort of salwar can be stitched like Patiala design shalwar etc.
  • Apart from the invaluable services to our valuable clients in state or overseas we also do the CMT/ Or we could also offer you the services to the outsiders those who need the professional sewing components in Pakistan.
  • Our stitching charges will vary according to our client's needs & quantity.
  • We can do the customized stitching for our valued client.
  • We can source the fabric for this above thing with our customer's label demand also.
  • We are located in Pakistan where well-trained Factory sewing workers which are well trained in from cut to pack, cut to sewing, Under the supervision of Garments Engineer.

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